Got a gig or tour and you’re not into arranging transportation, setting up time schedules, booking and arranging hotels, etc?

You don't need to be; that's what we are here for.

  • Contacting organisors, making arrangements, sending the riders to the right persons, searching for local crew, maintaining guestlists, arranging catering, arranging that everything is on the right place at the right time, taking care of the artists, making sure that the artists are at the right place at the right time, …
    just arranging everything, before, during and after the show ? Well, Rock-n-Road is your solution!
  • Making sure the local crew knows what to do; when, where and how. Making sure bands are at the right place at the right time. Seeing that the bands kick-off at the right time and respect the time schedule. Just being there for band and crew to help them out with any problem they might have on stage. Someone who is the liaison between the local crew and the bands and their crew.
  • Rock-n-Road is your solution! Sound technicians, light technicians, stagehands, local crew, merchandisers or whatever .. . at Rock-n-Road we have the right people ready to be at your service.

No matter if you’re a band or a musician and you need backline or transportation for a gig or for a tour. Rock-n-Road has or knows the solution! We have a limited backline and a van at our disposal on very short notice. If you need bigger transportation or you need other backline we have the contacts!

Rock-n-Road… your partner in sollutions!


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